Max and His Guitar

Side Project Learning

One of my students love’s to play guitar…metal guitar. As a musician and guitar lover, I have never been very fond of the extreme designs and aesthetics of metal guitar gear, but Max has some very interesting and inspired ideas that I feel like I should let him explore.

From Max:

When I first started playing guitar, I had this horrible cheap acoustic nylon string guitar, with the action (the distance from the frets to the strings) set WAY too high, frets were inaccessible above the 12th fret, and I wanted to shred, play metal, but I couldn’t with this crap acoustic guitar. So when I didn’t know anything about electric guitars, I picked up a cheap beginner electric guitar from this company called Pyle. It came with an mini-amplifier, a strap, strings, picks, pretty much everything you’d ever need to start playing the electric guitar. It even came with…

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