Endersession 2016: Delta Trade Co.

“If you’re creating something that has some sort of cultural currency – if the idea is getting out there – then that will probably yield money in some form, whether it’s through selling art or selling books or being asked to give a lecture.” -Shepard Fairey

My students have started a business.

A few months ago I received a grant to buy some equipment for printing onto t-shirts and other garments. The idea was to diy shirts for sports teams, clubs and other organizations while making a little cash for my class. It exploded. Within a few weeks the business had more orders than we could fill and we were setting up an edcorp.

Currently four seniors are spending their Endersession (six weeks at the end of 12th grade) helping setup the company for the future. They are filling orders, learning new equipment and techniques and teaching younger students how to run things.


Check out their work at Delta Trade Co.




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