Week #4 Blog Post

The following is due via blog on Sep 25th.

*Write a short reflection of the week. Sum up your individual and group progress. (<250 words)


This week was incredibly satisfying. I had a great summer of adventure and family time, but getting back into work with my friends has been amazing. Brian has been a really thoughtful partner and I am constantly amazed at his passion and pursuit of what he cares about. We have only spent a few days working together, but I feel refreshed and re-invigorated about my work. We have invested most of our time working on the project details and ordering or purchasing materials and equipment. Brian has taken the lead with balsa wood rocket gear and I am working pretty hard on lining up reading, writing and social science work for our students. Along with the traditional humanities teacher jobs I have also been working on models of the wooden books the students will make and the types of writing they will be doing as well as building rocket motor molds on the steel mill and purchasing tools and equipment to replenish items that have been moved or removed over the summer. I think the year is off to a great start and I look forward to seeing what the students make happen.

*Embed assignments from the week. 

3-5 Japanese Rengas modeled after Robert Eklund’s First Star I See Tonight Chapter One

What does the Allegory of the Cave teach us about “Natural Law”?

Choose 3-5 “Habits of a Great Learner” and answer a selection of appropriate questions.


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