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image1 Digital Storytelling Spring 2016

Mike Strong & Scott Swaaley Students read Steinbeck and learned film- making skills, then drafted storyboards and filmed stories aimed at human empathy. Writing.Multimedia.Literature.Revision. Project Overview Student Films  
12573957_10206728127414409_5438292937822815309_nFloatopia! Intersession 2016
Mike Strong & Adam Borek

Students designed rafts attached them to
55 gallon barrels and planned a 3-day
float trip down the Colorado River. 

Design Thinking.Physics.Making.Outdoors.

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eyeWanderlust Fall 2015
Mike Strong & Scott Swaaley

Students read 'Nature' by Ralph Waldo
Emerson and created experiential exhibits
for an audience of parents, teacher and 
other students. 

                                                                                  Digital Photos.Literature.Multimedia.

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Jaden FlightFlight Club Spring 2015
Mike Strong & Adam Borek

Students wrestled the domestic and
international legality of government and
civilian UAV technology. Work was
exhibited through debates, stenciled art
and design and construction of drones
                                                                                     engineered to drop paint on stencils.


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12573957_10206728127414409_5438292937822815309_nThe Long Now Fall 2014
Mike Strong & Scott Swaaley

Human history is punctuated by the prolific rise and inevitable collapse of civilization after civilization. In this project, students researched historical civilizations and distilled a common class theory for the cycle of civilization. Based on this common theory, and because this project is being built for the new High Tech High Elementary, students then created an age-appropriate allegory to represent their social theory. This allegory adorns each side of a 5′ x 5′  x 5′ cubic structure, each side representing a stage of the social theory, and is bordered by elements of student research, engineering process, and draft artwork. The entire piece is animated by a massive clock-like escapement.

                                       Sociology.Design Thinking.Physics.Making.

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